What's Included in the Plastic Surgery Visualization Service?

Email Consultation

Before we get started, your goals and concerns will be discussed at your own pace via email. 

During your email consultation you are welcome to send supplementary materials (such as wish pics and additional photos and videos of yourself) to help explain your goals.

Once your order is placed, we will email you to commence your email consultation within 48 hours. 

Your email consultation has no set time limit. We will only end your consultation and commence the service once you are ready.

2 x Plastic Surgery Visualizations:

Our experts edit two of your photos from two angles, visualizing the potential enhancements that could be achieved with cosmetic procedures. (2 photos from 2 angles of your choice). 

You will receive your Plastic Surgery Visualization Photos and documents via email as downloadable attachments, 14 working days after your email consultation concludes.

Enhancements Shown in Isolation: 

We provide you with separate images of each visualized cosmetic procedure, illustrating how each one could individually enhance your beauty. 

30 + Page Written Report: 

A detailed, 30 + page report that shows and explains:

● Each enhancement visualized in your edited photos (from two different angles).

● The cosmetic procedures that could potentially achieve these results, and the alternatives.

 The risks and possible complications of each visualised procedure, with their pros and cons compared. 

● The specific qualifications and certifications your surgeon should have for each of your different visualised procedures. 

 A list of the top 50 surgeons for every procedure visualised. 

The report is personazlied to your country (or the countries where you would be happy to travel to for cosmetic procedures).

Check out an example report created for a USA-based client. 

The Plastic Surgery Bible (50 Pages)

The Plastic Surgery Bibile is a 50 page guide that explains everything you need to know when considering a cosmetic procedure. The chapters include:

1. Doctor Qualifications And Certifications Checklist.

2. What Else Should You Look For In A Doctor?

3. Recommendations, Referrals And Online Resources

4. How To Navigate Consultations

5. Anaesthesia And Your Doctors Anaesthesiologist

6. Travelling Abroad For Cosmetic Procedures

7. How to Navigate Pre-Surgery

8. Post Surgery And Your Mental Wellbeing

9. Are Cosmetic Procedures Right For You, Right Now?

10. International Resources

Like our 30 + Page Written Report, The Plastic Surgery Bible is personazlied to your home country (or the countries you would like to travel to for your cosmetic procedures).

Checklists for Each Stage in Your Journey

You'll get printable checklists for each stage in your cosmetic procedure journey. They summarise what you should research, be aware of and the questions you should ask throughout each of the following phases:

● The Research Phase

● The Consultation Phase

● The Pre-Procedure Phase

● The Post-Procedure Phase

They will include space for you to write your notes and answers, and act as a way to keep all your key information in one place.

These checklists are is personazlied to your home country (or the countries you would like to travel to for your cosmetic procedures).

Follow-up Email Consultation: 

Once you have received everything, any final questions or concerns that you may have will be discussed at your own pace via email. 

If there are any adjustments or revisions that you would like to have made to your images, we will make them happen!

See a sample Report

Take a look at a sample report to see what's included in the Plastic Surgery Visualization service.

Or scroll below to see some examples of the pages included in our example report