What Photos do I Need to Upload?

Our Ultimate and Doctor Opinions services require you to upload five photos of your face from five different angles. Below you will find visual examples of these angles, plus additional tips on how to take the best photos for your service.

PLEASE NOTE: For our Premium and Premium + services, you can upload any photo angles of your choice.

Photo Angle: Front.

Angle 1


Photo Angle: Right 3/4.

Angle 2

Right 3/4

Photo Angle: Right Profile.

Angle 3

Right Profile

Photo Angle: Left 3/4.

Angle 4

Left 3/4

Photo Angle: Left Profile.

Angle 5

Left Profile

Photo Guidelines

These are general guidelines to follow when taking photos for your service. You do not have to follow these exactly, but the more you do, the more you will get out of the service.

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No Selfies or Mirror Selfies

It’s best if you don't send us photos taken in selfie mode.

Ideally, have someone else take your photo at eye level. Or use a tripod / place your camera at eye level, and use a self-timer to take your photos.

Take Your Photos at Eye Level

Please avoid high, low or unusual angles, as they distort the way our faces appear in photos. Instead, please try to take your photo at eye level.

Color Photos Only

Please only send us clear, colour photos. Please don't send us black and white, blurry or pixilated photos.  

Use a High-Quality Camera

If you have access to one, please have your photo taken using a high quality camera.

The quality of your photos will directly impact the quality of your Plastic Surgery Visualization edited after photo(s).

It will also help our team (and the doctors we consult with) to more easily analyze your face.

Keep Your Hair and Hands off Your Face

Please keep your hair and hands off and away from your face. This will make it much easier for us to edit your photo(s) and analyze your looks.

Remove Glasses and Facial Piercings

Please remove glasses and facial piercings. This will make it much easier for us to edit your photo(s) and analyze your facial features.

Avoid Wearing Heavy Makeup

You're welcome to wear makeup. However, please avoid any heavy makeup looks. Not only is it more difficult to edit a photo of your face if you're wearing extreme amounts of makeup, but also, it's difficult to determine what you look like naturally, and therefore which procedures could enhance your beauty. 

Take Your Photo in a Balanced Light Setting

Please take your photo in a balanced light setting. What does this mean? Do not take your pictures in direct sunlight or somewhere dark, and please keep shadows off your face.

Ideally please take your photo against a plain background (such as a white wall).

If you have any questions or concerns about how to take your photos, please don't hestitate to contact us!